Fender Rhodes MKI Stackers

Fender Rhodes MKI Stackers
Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes MKI Stackers

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Stack any piano or synth on top of a Rhodes with Vintage Vibe Stackers!

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We have recreated the original "Standits" Rhodes Bracket. Vintage Vibe Rhodes Stackers will allow you to stack any keyboard on top of your Rhodes piano. Two stackers per kit allow you to adjust the width to accommodate any length keyboard. The Stackers are heavy duty and will hold just about any weight put on them.

The Stacker comes with rubber end caps for serious protection and wear. Our stackers will save you from scratching your Rhodes piano lid and will allow you the luxury of a great keyboard set up. The Stacker also saves precious floor space in your studio and on stage. So pick up a set today and get your groove on!

Sold in sets (2x Stackers)
Assembly required.

These stackers are compatible with MK1 pianos only. 

Original Standits Pat No.4331312 - 1982 by Pal & Associates in Burbank CA. 

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How heavy are the stackers?
The stackers are made from aluminum and are extremely light. A set weighs in at just under 1 lb.

Will this work with my flat top lid?
Yes! Our stackers are compatible with Rhodes that have booth a round and flat top lid.


Customer Reviews

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this is exactly what i needed to stack my DX7 on top of my MK1, and it means that it now takes up less space, because it no longer has the extra keyboard stand behind it! ideal!

now i gotta figure out what to get to put on the - now - extra keyboard stand. ;-)

Mark M

Love em. Using them for my Mellotron.

R Reid Productions
Great Product

Perfect fit for my Rhodes and Nord Electro 6 D.

Todd Ague
Perfect fit, ideal angle and very stable!

Glad I ordered these - They arrived quickly, were packaged well and work with a number of different Korg (Kronos 2 61, Prologue 16) and Nord (Electro 5 HP) keyboards I have. Easy installation, and designed to protect both your Rhodes Mark 1 and your top keyboard (clearance above the entire Mark 1 lid/no contact even with a top keyboard in place).

When in position, these move your top keyboard forward/toward you for better access but without blocking view of the Rhodes keybed or impacting ability to use the controls. I find the angle/placement to be ideal for when playing while sitting and good for when playing while standing, too. Great job, Vintage Vibe!

Todd Corcoran
Perfect Fit

Fender Rhodes Stackers - 2 sets side-by-side, so I can run the Rhodes thru a McIntosh amp(on 1st set) and a Roland keyboard (on 2nd set), side-by-side.