Fender Rhodes Tines

Fender Rhodes Tines
Fender Rhodes Tines
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Fender Rhodes Tines

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Purchase brand new American made tines only at Vintage Vibe!

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Broken, dull or wavering tines got you down? That's just not funky.   

After 10 years of extensive research and development, we've developed our best Fender Rhodes tines. Vintage Vibe replacement tines have the same tonal characteristics as those originally made by Torrington for Fender Rhodes. We have even used some of the same machines and companies used in the manufacturing of the original tines! As a sonic match, Vintage Vibe tines can easily be integrated into any piano alongside originals without detection. 

We are manufacturing tines in 2 standard lengths: Full and Mid. They can be purchased at a default length or pre-cut for an additional fee.

Tuning spring not included. All tines are sold individually.

When purchasing pre cut tines, specify the exact note name, number tine and what model piano you have in the notes section above. If you do not wish to have your tine pre cut, just select "Default" for 'note' option. Each tine is custom made so this is a rough estimate of the size, not guaranteed unless you pay for pre cut.

Instructions & Guides

Full length tines start at key #0/1
Mid tines start at key #17

• Printable Tine Cutting Chart



Tech Tip | Fender Rhodes Tine Replacement Demonstration

Tech Tip | Fender Rhodes Tine Stabilization

How Vintage Vibe Tines are Made



My tone bars say one number and my keys another, how do I know which number tine I need?

Disregard both of those numbers and use the chart provided by clicking on the "size guide" link above. You can also count keys starting at the left end of the piano and moving to the right.

I've heard that Rhodes tines have had different tapers throughout the years due to different manufacturers and this could affect strike line, is this true?

Yes, this is accurate. Original 1960's tines are called Raymacs.  They were manufactured with a center-less grind technique which resulted in a gradual taper. Then came the Torrington tine (the most common tine) which was manufactured by a process called swaging that resulted in a shorter taper than that of Raymacs. The Singer tine, manufactured by the Singer Sewing company followed the Torrington and was very close in specifications. Finally, the last tine, the Schaller, is rumored to be the worst tine ever made and had a shorter and steeper taper than the rest.

Our tines are made to the same specifications as the Torringtons and, in fact, even utilize some of the exact same equipment used by Torrington. Although our tines offer the least similarity to Schallar and Raymacs, they can still be used as replacements to blend or feather-in in the case of a bad or missing tine. In our shop we use Vintage Vibe tines as replacements in every piano that comes through the door from 60's models to mid 80's Rhodes. 


Genuine Vintage Vibe Developed and Manufactured

True to the Original

Made with Care

Hand Pressed in Rockaway New Jersey


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