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Key Shims
Vintage Vibe®

Key Shims

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Vintage Vibe key shim kits are a great way to begin leveling keys Rhodes pianos.

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Vintage Vibe key shim kits are intended for supplementing your existing balance and front rail paper shims. The kit is not intended as a complete kit in which you would have enough to start new key leveling. We offer 2 types of kits. The basic pack contains enough front and balance rail shims for 1 piano. The pro pack contains enough shims for 5 pianos!

Not to be used with Mark II Rhodes that have the plastic keys.

Balance Rail Shims

Balance rail shims are used to adjust key height in conjunction with balance rail felts. Fine adjustments can be made to achieve an even key height and appearance across your piano. This is a critical aspect of piano set up and regulation. By setting a determined key height for F or C natural keys across piano you can then match all other natural keys to the same height to achieve your proper key leveling. Sharps can then be set to by the front angle lip of its key cap in relation to the natural key height. Rhodes pianos do not have a dimensional standard call out for key height so you will need to determine the best height for your piano. When looking at your keys, normally you do not want to see the bottom edge of the key cap above the Rhodes front key slip part of the case. When pressing a key down it should not go flush with the key slip but stop about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch above depending on your piano and your action.

Front Rail Shims

Front Rail shims and felts are used to regulate after touch and limit excessive key travel. On a Rhodes front rail felts should not impede key travel only limit excessive after touch. Shims are used to regulate where necessary.** Example would be in the treble section where hammer tip escapement is closer to the tines and where maybe a light touch is fine but a harder key stroke could lead to blocking. By adding front rail shims to inhibit after touch you can avoid blocking. Or if you have double striking of notes in the lower to mid-section one reason could be excessive after touch. 

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