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Tube Bomb Pedal - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe Tube Bomb Pedal - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe Tube Bomb Pedal - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe Tube Bomb Pedal - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Tube Bomb Pedal

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The Tube Bomb Pedal is back and better than ever! With two footswitch selectable volume controls, you can easily push your tube amplifier into anything from mild crunch to full-on, singing-for-days sustain and overdrive!


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The Tube Bomb is a clean gain boost pedal designed around the venerable 12AU7 dual triode vacuum tube. It provides up to 26dB of boost without adversely coloring your tone. When set to unity gain, the pedal preserves the input level while imparting the warmth and fullness only tube circuitry can provide. When pushed hard, the Tube Bomb can drive your tube amplifier into anything from mild crunch to full-on, singing-for-days sustain and overdrive.

With v2.0 we added a second volume control to fully exploit the range of gain settings available. Set one volume for unity gain and get the warmth and fullness only tube circuitry can provide and dial the other on up and push your tube amplifier into anything from mild crunch to full-on, singing-for-days sustain and overdrive! Settings are easily selected via footswitch.

Plugging the Tube Bomb into the Amp In / FX Return of a solid state amplifier will enable you to bypass the preamp section and use the pedal as a tube preamp for both guitars and basses. The same effect can be achieved when plugging an instrument directly into a PA system: just insert the Tube Bomb into the chain and dial in some character.

But enough about guitars! (We are an electric piano company, after all.) The Tube Bomb sounds great when paired when any electric piano. In fact, the concept for the Tube Bomb grew out of the tremendous popularity of our Tine Bomb Rhodes preamplifier.

Sold individually.

Whats Included

• Black powdercoated and custom printed enclosure
• 12AU7 Vacuum Tube (Installed)
• 24Vdc Power Supply* (International: 100-240VAC and includes adapter blades for worldwide use) 

 *The Tube Bomb pedal is to be powered by a 24V DC power supply with positive tip only! Attempting to power the unit with an incorrect would be considered improper usage. We are not responsible for any resulting damage.

Demo Video

Tone Report Review

By Yoel Kreisler

Sometimes my love of vintage keyboards and sound machines bleeds into the guitar-oriented work I do for Tone Report Weekly. I apologize to any readers who may find my other obsessions in the quest for the perfect sound deviant, but this time you may be interested in what I dug up in a place almost no guitar player would think to look.

Vintage Vibe is a New Jersey based company that is dedicated to the restoration and recreation of everything vintage electromechanical keyboards, such as the Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Hohner Clavinet. It offers replacement parts, repair services, and a couple of its own designs as part of its product line and mission. While perusing its site and getting GAS-buzzed from all the wonderful old and new gear, I came across the Tube Bomb, which interested me as both a guitar player and a keyboard enthusiast.


The Tube Vibe is a very simple dual-channel tube-based booster, which was originally designed as a preamp to warm, fatten, and dirty up a Rhodes like a good Texas brisket. Inside, it’s extremely simple and quite tidy, with a sole JJ 12AU7 doing all the heavy lifting. Unlike most dual tube-based boosters or drives, the Tube Bomb’s two separate channels are identical, by which I was originally confused. When most builders aim for the guitar market with a dual channel pedal, they want to try and squeeze as many tones in it as possible in order to add versatility and value. One channel will usually be a boost, and the other will be a drive with dedicated EQs or voicing switches. The Tube Bomb is a simpler concept, but just sports two identical, footswitchable boost channels, adorned by a single volume knob for each. This may seem at first like a really boring or uninspired concept; but it is designed (indirectly) for the player who craves transparent tone with a bit of color and warmth. And tubes always make everything better.


Plugging in, I wasn’t greeted with something incredibly brash or obvious. The tonal change with or without the boost at lower volumes was subtle (discounting the obvious volume jump), but the tube definitely imparted a midrange space and sweetness to the signal, which I find characteristic of JJ 12AU7s. It is a particularly low-gain tube so it takes quite a bit of volume to push into distortion. I don’t recommend doing that if you have sensitive ears, because the Tube Bomb has very high headroom, thanks in part to the circuit design and the 24-volt power on which it runs. This pedal feels like a true tonal utility, with plenty of options when mixing it with other pedals and gear. Pairing the Tube Bomb with a high-headroom amp can sweeten up the tone and help drive your amplifier’s preamp section to distortion faster. Setting the two volumes to two different levels is also incredibly intuitive. If you want a clean boost for rhythm work to get that little extra bit of edge, and then you want to dive into the higher gain character of your amp on the fly, this pedal will do it with ease and class, imparting a sweet and very subtly-colored distortion character.


Perhaps one of the Tube Vibe’s biggest strong points is how it plays well with other pedals, both solid state and tube-based. It makes almost everything that runs into it sound good, probably thanks to that bit of magical glass we always seem to come back to. Run into a solid state TS-style drive, it added low-end smoothness and high-end clarity, seemingly clearing up those congested high-mids that seem to plague most Tube Screamer-style drive pedals. However, it really shines running into a tube pedal. It imparted a really dynamic and hi-fi tone to my old Real Tube Overdrive, making it growl and spit with a fiery presence that just about peeled the paint off the walls.


This is a tone utility for folks who want something simple that sounds good, and can wear many hats. It works great a boost and color unit for almost anything you can throw at it, but it is plagued with a few small issues. There is switch pop on the Engage and Channel switches, and the price is a little exorbitant for what it does. Still, if you have the funds, this is a nice piece of gear you are sure to enjoy.


Chameleon of tube boosting and coloring. Works great as a booster for your amp and your pedals, especially your tube-based ones. Very sweet sounding with open mids and clear highs.


Expensive, and suffers from switch popping.

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