Wurlitzer 200 Series Headphone Jack Assembly

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Wurlitzer 200 Series Headphone Jack Assembly

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Replacement Headphone Jack Assembly for Wurlitzer 200 and 200A pianos

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This is a complete assembly for adding a headphone jack to your 200 or 200A Wurlitzer. This makes converting any student model piano a professional clean job.

200 series amplifiers use special switching Mono jacks and a load resistor to protect the amplifier when the speakers are disengaged.

Choose your model type:

- 200 amplifiers use a Mono jack
- 200A amplifiers used a Mono jack from the factory

- 200A amplifiers can be outfitted with a stereo jack which will allow audio to be present in both ears of your headphone. After installation of the stereo jack, only stereo headphones should be used.  Attempting to insert a dummy plug (mono or stereo) into the stereo jack can result in damage to the amplifier unit.

* 200A Stereo headphone jacks come with a molex connector so the lid can be easily separated from the rail.