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Wurlitzer 200 Series Headphone Jack - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Wurlitzer 200 Series Headphone Jack


Replacement switchcraft headphone jacks for a Wurlitzer 200 or 200A series Electric Piano.

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These switchcraft jacks can be used on any Wurlitzer ever made. 100 and 200 series amplifiers use special switching Mono jacks and a load resistor to protect the amplifier when the speakers are disengaged.

The 200A can be modified to have a stereo jack even though the piano did not come from the factory with one. We have shown in our diagram how you can have stereo in your headphones with our stereo jack. You will have to add resistors and do the wiring yourself, or you can purchase a pre-wired assembly here.

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- 200 amplifiers use a Mono jack
- 200A amplifiers used a Mono jack from the factory

- 200A amplifiers can be outfitted with a stereo jack which will allow audio to be present in both ears of your headphone. After installation of the stereo jack, only stereo headphones should be used. Attempting to insert a dummy plug (mono or stereo) into the stereo jack can result in damage to the amplifier unit.

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