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Excellent Players piano that has been fully serviced with new amplifier, tuned and voiced with all marginal reeds replaced. All action work has been performed and is set up and regulated like the best. Very articulate piano with tons of character, strong upper range with a biting mid-range. This is an early sugar maple top 200 when they were built right. It was painted by a customer of ours competently but nothing to brag about. It may not be the cleanest example but the tone and reliability will sure keep you smiling gig after gig!! We took this piano in on a trade and have done all necessary mechanical work to get it to our standards. We left the cosmetics alone so we would be able to offer it at an affordable price for most. We feel it is well worth the price. Buy with peace of mind-

We certify that this piano has been thoroughly gone through and has the magic tone.


  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano


  • Model 200


  • 1969


  • Deep Blue (Custom Paint Job)


  • Vibrato

Included Items

  • Sustain Pedal, Power Cable, Music Rack


  • 38" x 20" x 8" without legs


  • 60 lbs

Deep Blue Lid

The previous owner painted the lid with a rich deep blue color. Its quite possibly one of the nicest colors we've ever seen on a Wurly.

Vintage Vibe Classic 200 Amp

This Wurlitzer comes equipped with a new Vintage Vibe Classic 200 amp and reed bar shields!

Tone + Vibe

Regulated and restored by our Master Tech, Adam, we guarantee you maximum playability.

New Sustain Pedal

An all new Vintage Vibe Sustain Pedal will be included with this beautiful piano.

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