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Wurlitzer Reed Mold - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe
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Wurlitzer Reed Mold


Making reeds for your Wurlitzer has never been this easy! Purchase our custom reed mold and you'll be making reeds like the pros!

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This mold will lead up your reed blank in less then  1 minute.  Our mold comes with 8 various lead sizes from number 21 through 45 all with pyramid shaped molds. This is how we do it here in our shop, our mold is perfect for anyone gigging with a Wurlitzer, on the road or in a studio, basically anyone who changes reeds a lot will find this mold their savior.

This mold will save you  incredible amounts of time when it comes to making reeds. It also comes with a reed cutting length chart so you know just exactly how long your reeds are supposed to be. You'll never be without the reed number you need at anytime. Without a proper mold your are basically just building a solder blob little by little and it is just a nightmare and huge time waster.

By using your soldering iron and solder, place your soldering iron in the hole, fill the hole with solder, drop the reed onto the hot solder mold, let cool for 20 seconds pull off and you have a reed made. Now you will still need to tune the reed but that's it, 20 seconds to a full formed reed. Can't beat it! This mold will last you years!


Reed Cutting Chart

Wurlitzer Reed Cutting Chart



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