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Wurlitzer Reed Mold
Vintage Vibe®

Wurlitzer Reed Mold

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Making reeds for your Wurlitzer has never been this easy! Purchase our custom reed mold and you'll be making reeds like the pros!

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Save time and money, buy reed blanks and lead them up yourself. This is a great option for techs and players who go through reeds-

Vintage Vibe’s Reed mold will lead up reed blanks in less then 1 minute. The mold comes with 8 various lead sizes from number 21 through 45, all with pyramid shaped cavities. The cavities are on the larger side so filing the reed will be needed. At Vintage Vibe we utilize this very same reed mold when filling reed orders or repairing pianos.

 Our mold is perfect for anyone with a Wurlitzer, whether you’re on the road or in a studio, basically anyone who changes reeds often will find this mold an indispensable time and money saving tool.

 Note: Mold was not made for model 112 reed blanks-112 Blanks are thinner and use less lead.


Reed Cutting Chart

Wurlitzer Reed Cutting Chart


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