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Wurlitzer Whip Assembly Rebuild Kit


Say goodbye to sluggish action! Restore your Wurlitzer whip assemblies to their former glory with our Whip Assembly Rebuild Kit!


The solution for sluggish action is here!  This kit will restore your whip assemblies to their former glory.  This is actually easier to do than you'd think and it will solve any and all sluggish action problems.  Our kit will be able to restore 64 whip assemblies. 

Note: We no longer sell the self adhesive felts, because we found them to be ineffective long term. The current kit includes a roll of felt.  You need to apply contact cement to and then cut each felt once the glue is ready.

Whats Included

  • Whip Assembly Felt
  • Jack Springs - Qty 64
  • Fast Action Lubricant

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