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Fender Rhodes 4-Pin External Power Supply


Vintage Vibe external power supplies will allow one to utilize the active electronics of a Rhodes Peterson preamplifier without the use of the suitcase cabinet.


This power supply will allow you to use the preamplifier found in a Fender Rhodes or early Rhodes suitcase model piano without the suitcase amplifier cabinet or modifying the piano. Enjoy your piano and all of its tone shaping controls anywhere you go!

The power supply is small in footprint and includes a mounting clip to hang from your piano's side handle. Left and right 1/4" output jacks are located on the front panel along with an LED power indicator and 4 pin DIN socket for interfacing with the preamplifier.  The rear panel features a standard IEC inlet and fuse holder. On tour? No problem, our supply will function with input voltages from 100-240VAC.

• Compatible with Fender Rhodes and early Rhodes suitcase models equipped with 4 Pin (Peterson) preamplifiers and a round DIN socket. 
• This will not work with later 5 pin versions (see here for 5-Pin External Power Supplies).
• The required 4 pin cable must have round DIN connectors on each end and is not included.

Whats Included

  • Silkscreened / Powdercoated Enclosure
  • 4 Pin Female DIN socket
  • 1/4" Switchcraft Left and Right Output Jacks - So you get that stereo tremolo Ping Pong
  • Power Indicator LED
  • IEC Inlet / Fuse Holder & 2A Slo Blo Fuse 
  • IEC Power Cord - Included- of course we got you powered!! 


  1. Connect the piano's preamplifier to the power supply utilizing a 4 pin cable with round DIN connectors on each end: Fender Rhodes 4-Pin Suitcase Cable Classic
  2. Plug the power supply into a wall outlet supplying between 100-240VAC with an IEC cable
  3. Use standard 1/4" instrument cables to connect one or both of of the outputs to amplifiers, a PA or mixing console

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