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Fender Rhodes 4 Pin Suitcase Cable Round DIN

Fender Rhodes 4 Pin Suitcase Cable Round DIN

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The highest quality 4 Pin Suitcase Round Din Cable on the market!

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Shielded cable for connecting a 4 Pin (Peterson) era Fender Rhodes or Rhodes suitcase model piano's preamplifier to a companion suitcase amplifier cabinet with a round DIN socket.

Our cables are made with German manufactured connectors and superior quality Belden cable that features 100% overall shielding foil and generous braid shield. The right angled 4 pin plug connects to the preamp without getting in the way of your hands while playing and the straight connector features a locking ring to ensure connection to the amplifier cabinet's power supply.

This is the highest quality, as well as the quietest, cable made.
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4 Pin Cable Grounding


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