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First Impressions: Chris Norton & Chick Corea
Vintage Vibe Piano

First Impressions: Chris Norton & Chick Corea

Posted by Vintage Vibe Nov 21, 2016

—An epic tale of how Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos can be customized for the way YOU play and sound.

Our long time client Chris Norton has some big shoes to fill playing keys for the infamous Zappa Plays Zappa. The late, great George Duke laid down some very technically challenging grooves on top of the already very complex compositions of Frank Zappa.

To really cut the mix and play the fast runs that are common throughout the set, Chris needed an electric piano that was easy on the wrists and fingers. The piano has a hotter, brighter tone with lighter action. We delivered a Vintage Vibe Electric Piano with the appropriate voicing and set-up that we refer to as the "Hot Buttered Tone Machine"! 

We out-did ourselves and the result was one of our favorite piano configurations to date. Watch Chris' first impressions below: 

The piano was delivered to Chris Norton at the Beacon Theater in NYC where Zappa Plays Zappa was in town for a groovy Halloween gig. Coincidentally, another Vintage Vibe client, the legendary Chick Corea was in town for a residency at the Blue Note.

We contacted Chick and set up a meeting at the Beacon Theatre so he could check out Chris's "Hot Buttered Tone Machine". Chick was excited and came down to play the new VV and instantly dug it! We are now reworking his VV 73 Classic that is outfitted with midi to have that same hot buttered tone.

Chick recently used his VV on a new recording with Steve Gadd, the pair are set to release a new full length album in 2017 and we hope his souped up 73 will provide plenty of inspiration.

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