Marquis 73

We are overflowing with Joy to announce our new piano: The Marquis 73

A Tale of Two American Classics-

Fender Rhodes MKI Stage 73

Vintage Vibe Marquis 73

The Original Fender Rhodes MK1 Piano is a true American Classic - Iconic in look, legendary in sound.

For over 25 years, the Vintage Vibe Team has enjoyed bringing these musical pieces of history back to life. In addition to our own in-house restorations, we have helped thousands of enthusiasts restore their own pianos through premium quality reproduction parts, as well as technical videos on anything from setup to cosmetic restoration. From the very beginnings of the healthy Electric Piano Communities we know today, Vintage Vibe has been a leading source of parts and knowledge. As we approach the 14th year of our own piano production, we feel it is time to pay homage to the origins of these beautiful musical instruments. After all, we owe our success and careers to Harold Rhodes.


The impetus for bringing the Marquis 73 to the public is a passion that we hold deeply. We wanted to give back to the Rhodes family. Dave and Harold Jr. are two of the sweetest, most brilliant gentlemen we know. They both worked hand in hand with Harold on artists’ pianos, including Prince’s plexiglass Rhodes Suitcase and Stevie Wonder’s pianos. They also ramped up R&D, and had designed new tines and features. Although it was Harold Rhodes’ wish to continue the piano with his sons, he was unable to secure the rights to his name. The family was denied the right to manufacture a piano in their own namesake.

The Family

The Rhodes Family; Dave and Kimberly Rhodes, Carol Rice-Rhodes, and Harold Rhodes Jr., truly inspired us during the development of the Marquis. Without their love for Harold’s work, or their enthusiasm for our efforts to somehow build upon such accomplishments, the Marquis would most certainly have begun and ended as a design exercise.

Letter to Vintage Vibe from Harold Rhodes Jr.


It is our hope that every Marquis we build will bring a little honor and dignity back to the Rhodes family; our mission is to bring a silver lining to their years of dark clouds. We hope this piano and gesture will bring smiles and warm hearts to all who see it and learn more about it.

Dave Rhodes Visits the Shop

About the Piano-

The Marquis 73 Piano is a direct evolution of the early Fender-Rhodes Mk1 piano in terms of action, dynamic response, portability, style, and versatility.


The Marquis features the latest revision of our patented Dual Capstan Action. Hammer height at rest, key dip and escapement are all individually adjusted for the most even feel ever attained in a tine piano. Our latest jack reduces drag, providing an accelerated hammer throw. Our new hammers feature a revised balance, further accelerating hammer throw. Dual Capstan Action

Dynamic Response-

Coupled with the most adjustable action available, the Marquis features our latest, True-Tone Tines. After 14 years of research, our latest tines consistently capture the characteristics of the best Original Tines from the early MK 1 era. Beautiful, round fundamentals under a light touch, as well as the longest decay of harmonic content possible under spirited playing result in an electric piano that truly sings.


Along with its Classic 73 and Deluxe 73 siblings, The Marquis 73 weighs in at 60lbs; half the weight of a Fender Rhodes MK1. By far the lightest 73 note electromechanical offerings. Portability


All of our developments are housed in a streamlined homage to the original Fender-Rhodes MK1 piano. The chassis is covered in durable Tolex-type vinyl covering, and features an elegant, weight reducing, low profile design.
The name rail is anodized aluminum, just like the original, and sits upon solid ash cheek blocks.
The ABS lid is all Vintage Vibe with our classic V scoop and Chrome V logo, yet is serenely reminiscent of the Fender Rhodes Mk1 Piano. A simple lifting of the lid and one is transported into the gorgeous shimmer of shiny metal and creative hardwood design below - a true masterpiece in today's world of planned obsolescence.
The traditional style sustain pedal provides decades of trouble-free service. No pressure points to break, no cables to stretch or fray, and a smooth, unmatched feel.
All Marquis Pianos come with chrome plated, adjustable legs and crossmembers that exceed original specifications in fit and finish.


The Marquis can be ordered with any number of features, allowing you the most personalized instrument, tailored to your musical requirements.

Variable Voice Control-

Our Patented Variable Voice Control captures all the classic voices of the original American classic. From round, lush tones, to thin, full harmonics or anywhere in between, you decide how your piano is voiced, instantly. Variable Voice Control

Passive, Active or Stereo Console-

Passive Controls offer an experience like no other. Pure, authentic tone in the Electric Piano’s most basic form. No power required. Simply plug into an amplifier and play.

Our Active Marquis features the latest revision of our StereoVibe preamp.
Lithium battery-power provides 18 hours of playtime. Fast charging is accomplished by a USB-C standard cell phone charger, and can be charged while playing.
The new EQ curve allows the musician to precisely dial in harmonic attack, while preserving clarity in the upper register.
The new tremolo features the widest range of speed we have ever offered, and an improved waveform provides a most accurate recreation of the incandescent light bulb tremolo found in the iconic Peterson Suitcase pianos. Well defined, vibraphone and Wurlitzer vibes in mono, as well as soft, ethereal panning in stereo are easily attainable.
The effects loop directs an off-the-harp signal through any pedal(s) of your choosing.
Stereo headphone jack included.

Stereo Console


The Marquis may be equipped with QRS Midi upon request, turning your Electric Piano into the ultimate controller.


73 Notes, E1 - E7

Black vinyl-covered wood chassis

Black abs plastic harp cover

Sustain pedal

Chrome-plated, adjustable steel legs with crossmembers included

Weight 60 LBS (half the weight of a MK1)

Dimensions 21.5" X 44.87" X 8"

**Marquis is Not available in 64 configurations-

Models and Pricing-

Marquis 73 Passive-$6,750.00
(Bass Cut, Volume Control. No Active Electronics, No Power Needed)

Marquis Passive With Variable Voice Control $8349.00

Marquis 73 Active With Variable Voice Control - $8,649.00
(Active StereoVibe Preamp)

MIDI - +$1,850.00