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Get Funky with The Vibanet
VibanetVintage Vibe Piano

Get Funky with The Vibanet

Posted by Vintage Vibe Sep 15, 2015


We have dramatically improved the legendary Clavinet by shedding half the weight and engineering a significantly improved preamplifier. The Vintage Vibe Vibanet features an ultra quiet noise floor, an extremely versatile 3 band fixed EQ and an on-board Auto Wah. The tonal opportunities are virtually limitless, allowing endless creative opportunities for musicians and composers. 


Get funky with our newly designed preamplifier!  No more wondering what pickup you are using from random rocker switches that are labeled like a mystery. The Vibanet has a sensible layout both visually and sonically for our new eq. You'll always know what you are sculpting tonally.


The quality and sound are simply outstanding; from the moment you first play you will hear the difference.  Strings are handmade in New Jersey, USA and wound at slower speeds for better compression of the wrap wire.  More metal and tighter fit per string equates to a deep tone with body and depth.  The end product is a sonically long lasting vibrant string that does not go dead or lose intonation.


Our pick ups are made meticulously in the USA one at a time for absolute quality assurance. Our full bodied pickups allow the full spectrum of harmonics found in new strings. They are transparent yet add a wonderful familiar character found in the original Hohner pickups. We utilized the most sophisticated audio analyzers around and employed the same components as in original Clavinet pickups in perfecting the Vibanet.


Tuners on a Vibanet are easily accessible making tuning a walk in the park! 


The Vibanet comes with Clavigel preinstalled to ensure proper and even dampening. The Clavigel, silicon gel strips, is a vast improvement on the antiquated yarn system. Tighter dampening across the action make for better articulation and a more sonically pleasing experience.


Weighing in at 35 pounds, the Vibanet flashes a sleek and modern design, inside and out.



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