Vintage Vibe Memorial Day Sale! Site Wide Sales

15% off all in-stock parts. No coupon code needed.

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Vintage Vibe Memorial Day Sale! Site Wide Sales

15% off all in-stock parts. No coupon code needed.

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Vintage Vibe Pianos | Under The Hood

Furniture-grade Wood Base

Vintage Vibe bases are built on our on-site wood shop, right here in NJ, USA. This rare wood is the secret to a proper foundation and build of a Vintage Vibe piano. Our made to order chassises have become hard to source and is becoming increasingly scarce.

Linden Wood Key Bed

Vintage Vibe key beds are imported from a well-known and respected piano manufacturer. High quality inspections and attention to detail make these key beds perfect.

Hard Rock Maple Wood Action Rail and Harp Supports

Cycolac / Wood Hammers

The first 225 Vintage Vibe Pianos used ½ maple wood hammers ½ Cyclolac plastic shafts. The hammers have since been changed and improved to an all plastic Cycolac hammer which will add an improved strike line and build time without sacrificing an ounce of tone.

Hammer Tips

Vintage Vibe hammer tips have been designed with the tone in mind. Our durometer scale for each tip was chosen for a distinct reason. Knowing that the tone you hear from our pianos comes down to the source of tone generation.


The Vintage Vibe damper is a much improved single leaf damper made from aircraft aluminum. The improvement we made was to add a wing type form from the bridle strap to the damper felt. This alleviates fatigue and bouncing symptoms associated with older damper types thus improving action.

Vintage Vibe damper felts are made from 100% virgin wool felt. Special die cutting tooling has been manufactured for our specific dimensions.


Multi-ply Birch Harp Assembly

Grade A Multiply birch or Pin Block some call it is at the heart of our harps. They are hand made in our facility New Jersey USA. 

Swaged Steel Tines for Superior Tone and Longevity

We manufacture our tines right here in the USA on the same equipment used by Fender Rhodes. Our tines share the same trade secrets used to manufacture the original tines. We even have some of the same companies involved that produced for Fender. Our tines are a dead on replica.

Custom-wound Pickups

Vintage Vibe pickups are hand wound in the USA and specially designed to inhibit micro phonics.

Extruded Aluminum Damper Rail

The Vintage Vibe damper rail is a small lightweight aluminum extrusion that creates an effortless sustain due to the size and pivot position we designed into the piano. 

Active Stereo Tremolo Preamplifier 

Fiberglass Body with High Gloss Finish

Vintage Vibe fiberglass lids are crafted one at a time in the USA by fiberglass craftsmen. These are not painted lids, which peel and flake over time. Vintage Vibe lids undergo a metal flake gelcoat process for a lifetime membership at Sparkle City.

Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Name Rail

Vintage Vibe rails are custom made and eco-friendly. Unlike Chrome, our rails are polished stainless steel and look beautiful. They are also great for taking selfies at gigs!