Custom Piano Shell for U2's Yamaha CP4

When U2 called us to build them a beautiful piano shell, they knew they wanted a different look than what the standard modern digital piano had to offer.  They wanted a classic black old school Fender Rhodes vibe.

We had handcrafted cabinet shells before for other artists; but U2 needed the shell in 4 days for the first night of the Joshua Tree Worldwide tour. Needless to say our veteran team instantly went to work and accomplished the goal; doing what it takes to get the job done on time with the highest quality.

We are honored that U2 thought of us first to handle such a timely and important job for them. We are also very proud of the work we performed and are happy to share it with everyone.

Photo by Nathan Malone

Project Goal

 To house U2's Yamaha CP4 digital piano with a Rhodes style piano shell


1. Custom shell must have fully functional and accessible connections for various features per the client's specification: XLR Outputs, TRS Outputs, MIDI In & Out, Headphone, Sustain Pedal, Expression Pedal, AC Power.

2. Must have a vintage authentic look and bring that feeling to both the player and audience.

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