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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart
The Vintage Vibe Stereo Console

The Vintage Vibe Stereo Console

Vintage Vibe Piano

If you desire a lush stereo ping-pong tremolo effect from your electric piano without the use of separate amplifiers or a mixing board, then keep reading! The Stereo Console is a modern rendition of the old Suitcase concept but with the improvements necessary to mate with a modern tine piano and carry the name Vintage Vibe. The Stereo Console is the first stereo amplifier designed to perfectly pair with 64 and 73 note Vintage Vibe electric pianos.

Each cabinet is hand-built at the Vintage Vibe shop in NJ and finished in the musician’s choice of tolex and grill cloth colors. Recently, we finished a custom Stereo Console for Trombone Shorty and to match his VV73’s elegant black and gold sparkle lid the cabinet was finished with black tolex, black and gold grill cloth and gold piping!

The Stereo Console doesn’t just look good on the outside; inside are two hand-built 40 watt amplifiers for stereo imaging and a custom wound power transformer and power supply providing ultra quiet operation at 120 or 240VAC. For speakers, through trial and error, we have wisely chosen Eminence Legends. A pair of 12” speakers are widely spaced and face straight out to the audience for stage performance and studio recording, while on the player’s side, our unique and innovative cabinet design positions two 10” speakers at an upward angle providing excellent stage monitoring of the stereo output. This is the first of its kind and a shining example of how Vintage Vibe innovates to fill musicians’ needs.

• Selection From a Variety of Tolex and Grill Cloth Colors
• 80W Stereo Amplifier (40W per channel)
• 1/4" Speaker Jacks
• 2x12" Eminence Legend Speakers
• 2x10" Eminence Legend Speakers
• Custom Wound Power Transformer
• 120 and 240VAC operation
• Cabinet Dimensions: 40" x 10" x 25"
• Cabinet Weight: 60 lbs
• Includes custom designed sustain pedal and rod.

To place an order for a Stereo Console, please contact us here.

Watch Herbie Hancock solo a VV73 through a Stereo Console

Watch Wallace Roney Trio play a VV73 through Stereo Console

Watch John Ginty play a VV64 through a Stereo Console

Watch Kazuhiro Bessho (of Yasei Collective) “RhodesPhet” on a VV73 & Stereo Console

Here's a video of Chip Crawford playing his Royal Blue Vintage Vibe Piano through a Stereo Console.


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