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Vintage Vibe Tine Piano The finest handmade electro-mechanical piano in the world

Inner City Blues (VV73 + Vibanet) Playlist

Nothing beats the REAL THING

Vintage Vibe Tine Pianos are handcrafted to the highest possible standard of excellence. No stone is left unturned during set up, action, regulation articulation, voicing and in our final evaluation before it is deemed ready to be shipped to the customer.


Black Diamond Sparkle VV73 + Stereo Console
Apple Red Sparkle VV73 + Burgundy Sparkle VV73
Silver Sparkle
Sky Blue + Fire Red VV64
Orange Sparkle
Emerald Green Sparkle
Champagne Gold Sparkle
Rear view of a Jet Black Sparkle VV64 w/ Wooden Chassis
Front view of a Jet Black Sparkle VV64 w/ Wooden Chassis
Overhead look at a Jet Black Sparkle VV64 w/ Wooden Chassis
Apple Red Sparkle VV73
Apple Red Sparkle VV73
Rear View of an Ivory VV44
Rear View of VV73 w/ Classic Lid
Ivory VV44
VV73 w/ Classic Lid
Forest Green VV64
Black Deluxe Lid on a VV73
Black Deluxe Lid on a VV73
White Sparkle
Blue Gun Metal Sparkle Lid
Fire Red Sparkle + Burgundy Sparkle
Fire Red Sparkle
Rear view of Sky Blue VV64
VV44 w/ Purple Sparkle Lid
2x VV73 Fire Red + Ice Blue Sparkles
Ocean Aqua VV44
Close Up of controls on a VV73
VV73 w/ Burnt Orange Lid + Stereo Console
Side view of VV73 Burgundy Sparkle
Black Diamond Sparkle VV73
Colbalt Blue Sparkle VV64
Moss Green Sparkle VV73


Eli Paperboy Reed “My Way Home”
The Christmas Song (Bob Wells / Mel Tormé Cover) By Ben Bove
Stevie Wonder - I Wish (VV73)
Stereo Vibe Preamp Demo w/ John Ginty
Christian McBride
Thanksgiving Theme (Vince Guaraldi Trio Cover)
The Great Pumpkin Waltz (Vince Guaraldi Cover)
Asen Doykin Plays VV Classic Piano
Vintage Vibe Piano (From Customer in Germany)
Chick Corea plays a VV73
Miles Ahead: What’s Wrong With That? (End Credits Scene)
Wallace Roney - Vintage Vibe Artist Series
Chris Norton (Zappa Plays Zappa) rocks on Vintage Vibe Piano
Frank Montis - VV44 First Play
Pierre Chretien Plays VV Classic Piano
“Regret” Richie Kotzen (VV64)
Allen Stone - Love Where You’re At
Dead and Company Live (Jeff Chimenti Plays VV73)




The 44, 64, and 73 key pianos weigh in at 35, 53, and 60 pounds, respectively. We've engineered classic EP goodness into a form factor that weighs less than one pound per key!


Our Stereo Vibe preamplifier features the iconic sound of the Rhodes Peterson preamplifier while providing all the benefits and reliability of modern components.


Our sparkle top lids are individually handcrafted in the USA by our fiberglass artisans. These are not painted lids - lids undergo a metal flake gel-coat process for ultimate durability. Lifetime sparkle guaranteed. View our sparkle chart. If sparkles aren't your thing, check out our high gloss solid color lids.


Our masterfully designed, engineered and hand crafted to have the lightest and quickest response of any electric piano.


The Vintage Vibe Piano utilizes swaged steel tines that are manufactured and assembled in the USA with the same equipment used by Fender! Our tines share the same trade secrets used to manufacture the original tines. In other words, our tines are a dead on replica of the original Fender Rhodes tines!


Vintage Vibe pickups are hand wound in the USA and have been designed to prevent unwanted "microphonics" while maintaining the quintessential 'classic' electric piano tone.



21 ½" 29"



  • Furniture Grade Wood


  • 44 Key: 35 pounds
  • 64 Key: 53 pounds
  • 73 Key: 60 pounds


  • Classic Lid:
  • Black ABS Plastic
  • Deluxe Lid:
  • Custom made Fiberglass Sparkle Top Lid


number of keys

  • 44, 64, 73

Key Compass (Relative to 88 key scale)

  • 44: F21 - C64
  • 64: A13 - C76
  • 73: E8 - E80


Dampening System

  • Custom die-cut virgin wool felt

Hammer Tips

  • ®Vintage Vibe Graduated Hammer Tips



  • Output: Left & Right 1/4" Jacks
  • FX Loop: 1/4" Send and Return Jacks
  • Headphone: Stereo 1/4" Jack
  • IEC AC Inlet (Active Model only)

Tone Controls

  • Passive Model:
  • Volume, Bass, Treble
  • Active Model:
  • Volume, Bass and Treble
  • Tremolo Speed Control
  • Tremolo Bypass Switch
  • Tremolo Rate Indicator LED


  • Vintage Vibe custom 3" Pickups


  • Active Preamplifier
  • Volume Control
  • Treble and Bass EQ Controls
  • Tremolo Bypass Switch
  • Tremolo Depth Control
  • Tremolo Speed Control
  • Tremolo Rate Indicator LED


  • 110-240VAC (Active Only)
  • IEC AC Inlet
  • On/Off Power Switch


44 Note Model

  • Includes Standard Deluxe Lid and passive electronicsStarts at $3499
  • 44 upgrade options include:
  • Deluxe lid in any custom color +$99
  • Active Electronics +$549
  • Flight Case +$949
  • MIDI +$1799

64 Note Model

  • Includes Classic Lid and passive electronicsStarts at $3999
  • 64 upgrade options include:
  • Active Electronics +$549
  • Deluxe Lid in silver, black,
    gold, red or blue sparkle +$699
  • Deluxe Lid in any custom color +$799
  • Road Case +$949
  • MIDI +$1799
  • Stereo Console +$2999

73 Note Model

  • Includes Classic Lid and passive electronicsStarts at $4499
  • 73 upgrade options include:
  • Active Electronics +$549
  • Deluxe Lid in silver, black,
    gold, red or blue sparkle +$699
  • Deluxe Lid in any custom color +$799
  • Road Case +$949
  • MIDI +$1799
  • Stereo Console +$2999

“Vintage Vibe builds real physical instruments filled with soul. These keyboards are of higher quality than anything else being commercially produced today. Playing the VV Electric Piano and the Vibanet is like being plugged into the source of classic organic keyboard tones.”

Steve Watkins Keyboardist, Allen Stone

"The 'Red Sparkler' just keeps on giving...after so many shows and so many miles, it still holds up,and plays like a dream!"

"The Vintage Vibe Piano is definitely a Rolls Royce or Bentley of pianos. It’s the premium of pianos. When I first heard it, you could hear the beauty and the clarity of it right away. It offers the sound in a way that you can personalize it more than you could a Rhodes. It has all the characteristics a Rhodes is known for, but somehow, in the way it’s built, the personalization of it can really be heard."

Wallace Roney Trumpter

“Vintage Vibe captured and improved every detail of the classic electric piano – the tone, the feel, the nuance of the attack – and packaged it up with modern electronics in a downright sexy lightweight design. I’m in love with my VV64.”

Matt Fries Keyboardist, NYC

“When I pull up to a show with my Vintage Vibe gear, its starts a commotion. I haven’t even played one sound and people can’t stop staring and when the gig starts, people are blown away.”

Peter Levin Keyboardist, Gregg Allman Brothers Band, Blind Boys of Alabama

“One of the best keyboards I have ever played. Makes me inspired to write all day.”

Tracy Carter Keyboardist, Chaka Khan

“While it has all of the Rock and crunch of a Wurli, and the smooth stereo goodness of a Rhodes, the versatility really lies beneath your fingers. I can make this thing bark or purr, just by how I attack it. Just look at it funny and it plays itself. Aesthetically speaking, it takes the whole stage up a notch. It makes my Hammond look BETTER…”

John Ginty Keyboardist, Dixie Chicks

"Like the song says “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” and I’m happy to report that the Vintage Vibe piano is just that. I love it."

Lawrence Gowan Styx

“The Vintage Vibe Piano is exactly what I would expect a brand new vintage piano to sound like – with it’s beautiful tone and state of the art design, it is an absolute joy to play!”

Chris Norton Keyboardist, Zappa Plays Zappa

"My search for the ultimate electric piano ended once I discovered the Vintage Vibe electric piano. Unique, reliable and Inspirational!"

Richie Kotzen Winery Dogs

“I gotta tell ya, my new vintage vibe electric piano is just bad ass! I took it to the studio right away, and immediately had the producer asking what it was and where could he get one. Ultra dynamic for big lush paddy chords, and quick bounce back for fast riffs… not mushy like a lot of Rhodes’ you find out there.”

Peter Keys Keyboardist, Lynryd Skynryd

A perfect companion

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