Matt Johnson

Artist Bio

For the last 15 years, Matt has been the keyboard player and now MD of Jamiroquai. He has written around 30 songs with JK for the band and co-produced and co-wrote the entire last release, 'Automaton.'

In addition, Matt has produced records for Julian Perretta and Laura Doggett for Universal and RCA.

He has also written for French superstar Nolwenn Leroy, including the album 'Bretonne,' which sold over a million and a half copies.

He works mainly from his studio in a lovely rural location at the end of the Metropolitan line for visiting London artists.

Recently, Matt launched a successful Youtube channel where he offers tutorials, creative programming, and keyboard demonstrations. Matt can often be seen proudly playing his signature model Vintage Vibe piano.

Matt Johnson Signature Model


Orange Gloss

Key Stick

Dual Adjustable Capstan

Key Range

E-8 E-80


Variable Voice Control


$9,499.00 Signature Deluxe 73 Orange

$1,599.00 Variable Voice Control

Artist Testimonial

"My 64 Deluxe is all over my new album. I love it so much!"