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VV64 Custom Wooden Chassis
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VV64 Custom Wooden Chassis

Posted by Vintage Vibe Aug 07, 2017

—"Handcrafted with rare wood base and name rail."

Update: This piano has been sold as of August 7th, 2017.

Have you ever found yourself starring at an object, lost in a gaze? Like a magnet pulling you in, this Vintage Vibe piano has that effect. This was hand built as a custom order in 2013 by Chris Carroll, Fred Dileone and Adam Kaniper. It has since been refurbished in 2017 by Fred for a new owner. Luckily, this unique handcrafted piano is once again available to a discerning player who cannot turn away his gaze!

Features include
• 1/2 wood hammers
• maple action rail with lightweight aircraft structure
• stereo tremolo preamp
• head phone output
• effects loop

As you can see, this piano has a certain sophistication from the finished wood base and name rail. The jet black sparkle and wood combination is a one of a kind build from Vintage Vibe.

Another point of interest is in the rail. Note the missing faceplate. Vintage Vibe pianos dating from 2009 to 2014 did not yet have a faceplate. All models built from 2015 and on now include a faceplate denoting controls and settings of the preamp. We wanted to keep the originality with this piano but we are happy to offer a faceplate if one desires.

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