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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart
Clavinet Hammer Tips Clavinet Hammer Tips

Clavinet Hammer Tips

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Custom manufactured Clavinet hammer tips!

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Gooey tips gotcha down? Are they breaking apart and sticking to the strings? Do you hear a click or pop when the hammer releases? 

When hammer tips are soft, or worse, gooey from deterioration, the string can stick to the tip and then when it releases, a "pop" sound is created.  

Vintage Vibe has manufactured our hammer tips with a slightly firmer durometer (hardness) than most in order to provide a sharp attack but prevent the string from sticking to the tip material. We have also made installation easier by tapering the end so it can easily be pushed into the hammer. 

Choose between black or orange tips.

Whats Included

• 60 hammer tips per pack + 2 extra


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