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Vintage Vibe®

Clavinet Refurb Kit


Vintage Vibe's Clavinet Refurb kit comes with all the essentials to bring your piano back to life!


Vintage Vibe now offers a kit that makes restoring your Hohner Clavinet a breeze! Kits come with a brand new set of Clavinet strings from DR, one full Clavigel kit, a full set of Clavinet Hammer Tips and as an added BONUS - one Clavnet tuning bit!

Optional Add-ons:

• Full Refurb Kit + Clavinet Bushings
• Full Refurb Kit + Clavinet Bushings + Clavinet Reproduction Pickups 

What's Included

• 1x Complete set of Clavinet Strings
• 1x Clavigel Kit
• 1x Clavinet Hammer Tips
• 1x Clavinet Tuning Bit


Clavigel Install Video

Clavinet Hammer Tip + String Install Video


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