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Fender Rhodes 4 Pin Reproduction Concentric Pot - Vintage Vibe - Vintage Vibe

Fender Rhodes 4 Pin Reproduction Concentric Pot


Say goodbye to scratchy and noisy pots! Vintage Vibe's custom pots are perfect replacements for your 4 Pin Fender Rhodes piano!

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Our replacement pots are produced with the same taper and footprint as the originals and will fit any Peterson preamp. They are custom manufactured by CTS, the same folks who produced the original Fender Rhodes potentiometers!

As an improvement, we changed how the tremolo is turned on and off. Instead of having the center of the pot act as a push-pull switch, which can be awkward to operate while playing, we changed it to an easy to use push-button. Push on. Push off.

We added the same push-button feature to our new tone pot as well. Now you can modify your old pre amp for a switchable slow-pan tremolo range, just like in the Vintage Vibe Stereo Vibe preamp! Push the button and your tremolo can be set much slower than stock Peterson preamps are capable of, switch it again and you're back to the classic range. If you would like this feature, choose "Tone Pot Speed Mod'. It is a very simple modification; anyone that can hold a soldering iron can accomplish.

Sold individually.

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