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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart
Fender Rhodes Custom Tine Stabilizer

Fender Rhodes Custom Tine Stabilizer

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If you have wavering bass tines, these custom tine stabilizer springs and heavy grommets are for you!

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Have pitch-shifting lower tines got you down?

In tune, then whoops, out of tune? How about a long tine that oscillates in a crazy figure-eight pattern causing poor tone because it's not in front of the pickup where it's supposed to be?  

Our custom tine stabilizer mod is here to the rescue!

What's Included
• 1x Heavy Bass Spring
• 1x Heavy Grommet



Installation is a breeze!
1) Unscrew the offending tone bar from the harp
2) Replace the front grommet (closest to the keys) with the included Heavy Grommet
3) Replace the front spring (closest to the keys) with the included Heavy Bass Spring
4) Re-install the tone bar
5) Adjust tone bar height for desired voicing
6) Enjoy!

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