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Fender Rhodes Damper Felt Kit


Replace your old damper felts with a Vintage Vibe damper felt kit! Our felts have been redesigned for optimal performance and improved action.


If the damper felts on your piano have never been changed, don't even think it over, do it! 

Trust us on this one; replacing damper felts is one of the "must-do" tasks when restoring a Fender Rhodes piano. By now, your electric piano is likely 40-50 years old and the original damper felts are, without a doubt, worn and deteriorating.

New felts are semi-rigid and able to absorb the swing of a large tine with ease. As they age, they soften. Add to this absorbing a tine's impact repeatedly over years of playing and you're left with a felt that no longer performs its job effectively. The symptoms can range from notes that ring longer than they should to felts that flop over and fail to dampen at all or even get in the way of adjacent dampers!

Our custom-made damper felts are manufactured specifically for vintage Fender Rhodes pianos and Vintage Vibe custom pianos. We have fine-tuned the engineering of these felts over the last decade and our attention to detail has resulted in the best felts money can buy!

Kits available for 73 and 88 key pianos.
Glue is included.

We also recommend our damper arm kits to accompany your new felts!


Kit   Bass Pre Mid Middle Treble
73 Keys 1-15 16-20 31-53 54-73
88 Keys 1-23 24-35 36-60 61-88

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