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Fender Rhodes Reproduction Dampers Arm Set


Purchase a brand new set of damper arms for your prized Fender Rhodes!


The damper arm is a critical action part for Fender Rhodes Pianos.

Fender Rhodes dampers are more often than not in need of desperate replacement. Old dampers are responsible for poor action, double striking and crummy articulation during repetitive play. You can beautifully restore a Fender Rhodes but if you don't replace weak dampers your action will do nothing but choke, resulting in an unpleasant playing experience.

Custom manufactured in the USA from the same aircraft aluminum as the originals, our dampers are correct replacements for all vintage Fender Rhodes pianos with single leaf spring style arms. We have modified the original design to reduce damper bounce and flex, two causes of improper dampening.  

If replaced, we guarantee an improved action and playing experience on your piano. 

• Sold in kits of 73 or 88.
• Screws not included.

What's Included

• Damper arms - divided into three sections (see table below)

Kit   Bass Mid Treble
73 1-15 16-59 60-73
88 1-22 23-65 66-88


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