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Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes Individual Hammer Tips

Read our Hammer Tip Guide here


Purchase any hammer tip we offer individually!


Our Fender Rhodes hammer tips are engineered for maximum durability, sound quality and play-ability.  

Our hammer tips are custom made for old Fender pianos.  All old Fender piano hammer tips wear out at some point, they become grooved and tone is lost. The deeper the grooves on a hammer tip the worse the strike point is.  It creates a dull sound.  This is why it is important to replace hammer tips at the appropriate time in the pianos life.

All tips sold individually.
Full Kits available here.

Placement Guide

Kit Red Green Yellow White Wood
73 1-23 24-33 34-46 47-55 56-73
88 1-30 31-40 41-53 54-62 63-88


For example, "red" corresponds to keys 1-23 on a 73 key piano counting up from the leftmost key (bass side) of the piano



I have a Piano Bass that needs new hammer tips. HELP!

A bass piano utilizes the same lower hammer tips as a Rhodes 73 note piano. With that being said, a bass piano is in fact a "bass" piano and should reflect that of a bass and not a piano. Depending on the type of bass tone you are trying to achieve will determine the tip configuration you choose.

Vintage Vibe offers felt hammer tips that are wonderful for a wooly bass tone. We also offer square or angled tips that would offer a nice blend. Our graduated tips are our firmest tips and they would offer a sharper attack which may or not be what someone is looking for in a bass tip.

Another important factor when setting up tone on your bass piano is how the strike line is set. Remember this is not a piano, but a bass so the idea is to mimic a bass guitar. By offsetting the optimal strike line you can achieve a more consistent tone of an actual bass.

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