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Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes Reproduction Plastic Hammer


Brand new Fender Rhodes reproduction plastic hammers!


New Fender Rhodes reproduction hammers!

Vintage Vibe is offering our new Fender Rhodes reproduction hammer as replacement for all Fender Rhodes Pianos dating from 68-to early 1975- These are the same hammers used in our highly regarded Vintage Vibe Pianos.  One piece solid Cycolac ABS plastic ensures a hammer that will not break nor will it alter your strike line. This hammer is superior to 1/2 wood hammers due to its strength and consistent uniform shape. Having a consistent hammer line across the piano is imperative to proper strike line. Wood often is glued on unevenly or is cut wrong leaving irregularities in hammer line.


• Bridle Strap
• Hammer

Sold individually. Call to order in full sets.  

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