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Fender Rhodes Stage Passive Electronics
Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes Stage Passive Electronics

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Replacement Passive Electronics for a Fender Rhodes or Rhodes Stage Piano!

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All quality CTS pots make for smooth, quiet operation. If your pots are scratchy, bent, have a loose ground connection, or if your piano has lost its sparkle, this is the ticket to quiet operation.

Two versions were offered through the years - From about 1970 till mid to late 73 Fender used a 1 mfd cap that was used to roll off the treble. Then around late 73 they changed the configuration to a .047 to roll off the bass  and called it "Bass Boost"

After years of consideration, it is apparent that the Later style configuration is superior to the Early version. We offer our passive controls in the later Fender / Rhodes style configuration.

To hear the difference between Fender Rhodes and Rhodes passive electronics, please watch our video in the Video tab.



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