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Vintage Vibe®

Fender Rhodes Tone Bar Spring


If your tone bar springs are broken or rusty, its time to replace them with official new Vintage Vibe tone bar springs!


These springs were specially crafted for your tone bars.  They are divided into three sections; bass, mid and treble.  Depending on if your piano (73 or 88), the split points are different.  To be sure of these split points, make note on your piano before changing them out.

Springs sold individually or in kits.

Size Guide

Kit Bass Middle 1x Middle + 1x Treble
73 1-25 26-57 58-73
88 (MK I) 0-25 26-57 58-81
88 (MK II) 0-32 33-64 65-88

*MK II tone bars are stamped differently than MK I


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