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Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos Cart
Rhodes Tine Cutter
Vintage Vibe®

Rhodes Tine Cutter

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Vintage Vibe offers the best tine cutter on the market. Your tines will have perfect square edges every time!

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These are the best tine cutters are the best we have ever found anywhere. don't be fooled by cheaper models claiming to great cutters. We cut tens of  thousands of Rhodes tines a year here at Vintage Vibe with these exact cutters.  When we discovered these cutters and tried them out we were blown away by their ability. They cut square edges , no jagged edges left behind. Most other if not all cutters on the market we have used wear out quickly due to the tines hardened steel. Each pair is good for 10,000 cuts or more. In fact we have cutters still going strong after 6 years of constant cutting.  Ready to square your tines quickly and effectively these cutters are a pros best friend and they last forever. Made in the USA.

Sold individually.
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