Wurlitzer 140B Amplifier Rebuild Kit

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Wurlitzer 140B Amplifier Rebuild Kit

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This kit is a complete rebuild kit for a 140B Wurlitzer amplifier.

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This kit is a rebuild kit for a 140B Wurlitzer amplifier.

• Replacement Transistor Pinouts May Not Match Original. See Instructions Tab for Schematic and Transistor Pinouts

We do not offer instructions or technical support for this item other than what is listed here.
• Improper installation or use will void any and all warranty.
• Installation of this product is performed at your own risk. Working on electronic equipment poses an inherent risk to oneself, others and personal property.  Vintage Vibe assumes no liability for the consequences of the attempted installation of this product.  
If you are not confident in your abilities to perform this type of installation you may send the unit to us for service.

Whats Included

• Electrolytic Capacitors*
• Power Resistors
• Mylar Vibrato Capacitors
• Transistors**


* Does not include replacements for capacitors housed in the metal cans 
  Serial #'s between 27501-29090:  C36,C51,C52
  Serial #'s starting 29091: C53,C54,C62

** Does not include Output Transistors.  You can purchase Output Transistors Here

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Nathan Wilmarth
Perfect Rebuild 140B Kit!

This Wurlitzer 140B amp rebuild kit is fantastic!! (Thanks VV for making these available to us musicians.) The kit is complete with all the parts necessary to completely rebuild the amp - mine is much better now than before as there is more clarity and less hum. The instructions and schematics provided are easy to follow, and the colored overlay boxes on the schematic make it easy to locate the components that are being replaced. I would highly recommend this kit to any 140B owner...it will make your Wurlitzer like new again!

Jason Ritacco
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No Description Provided

jerimiah myers
tidbits on the change

An illustration of the exchange ...by shape would help..all went well...but still a loud buzz...need source for the other parts..