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Wurlitzer Reed Bar Shields
Vintage Vibe®

Wurlitzer Reed Bar Shields

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Reduce the amount of noise coming from your Wurlitzer with Vintage Vibe Reed Bar Shields! The difference is astounding!

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Got noise?  We got the solution! 

"The best Modification to quiet your your Model 200 Hands Down!"

Introducing Vintage Vibe reproduction Wurlitzer electric piano  reed bar shields for all 200  series pianos and all 140 series pianos.

Note: all 200A series pianos already have these shields installed.

 Reed bar shields are an extremely important aspect in controlling noise coming from the reed bar. Most hum from wurlitzer electric pianos derives from the reed bar and not the amp as so often mistaken. While it's true hum can and will come from some older out of spec amps, the majority of noise comes from the reed bar..  A good test to see just how loud your reed bar is is to turn your amplifier up and then remove the RCA cable to your amp board. Listen to the amount of noise before and after, I am sure you will hear a dramatic change in noise level. This will tell you how much noise is coming from your reed bar as opposed to your amplifier. Once you install these reed bar shields you will notice the noise being reduced dramatically. 

This is not to say you could not use a new amp, a new amp will offer you a much brighter tone.

Anyone can install these shields, you just need a screw driver and 1/4 inch nut driver.

Sold as a 3 piece set.


Will these reed bar shields work on my 200A piano?
Yes, they will work on any 200 series piano as well as a 140B!


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