Wurlitzer Restoration and Repair Video

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Wurlitzer Restoration and Repair Video

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Learn all the ins and outs to repairing and restoring your 200 series Wurlitzer Electric Piano!

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This our UPDATED video that includes repair tips to keep your Wurlitzer 200 in shape as well as restore it from years of neglect.  We use all these procedures to repair and restore pianos in our shop.

Tips include:

  • tools needed
  • tuning + voicing
  • regulating warped hammer rail
  • tightening and replacing action parts
  • key easing + tightening
  • damper regulating
  • key dip issues  

This product is a digital download. You will not be receiving a DVD. 

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Weiss
Wurli repair video

Interesting and informative

Rich Ferraro
A must have!

This video inspired me to follow along and totally bring new life back to my 200A. You won’t find as comprehensive a video anywhere on YouTube so this one is a must have. It was too fast in some places but I still have to give it 5 stars for content.

Sharon Aiza Engel
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No Description Provided

Gregory Donohue
No Title Provided

No Description Provided

Corey Cummings
Extremely usefully for any DIY Wurly owner

Extremely helpful video that covers a lot of the bases on doing different repairs. Only slight negative is that there is no contents page that tells you where the different repairs are throughout the video so you have to go through the whole thing to find what you’re looking for.