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Wurlitzer Sustain Pedal Wurlitzer Sustain Pedal

Wurlitzer Sustain Pedal

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The worlds most reliable and affordable Wurlitzer Sustain Pedal!

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One of the biggest problems with the Wurlitzer EP, is the pedal. Whether it’s noisy, slipping, broken or you have simply lost it. Vintage Vibe has you covered, with all of your sustain pedal needs. We design, build, repair and improve Wurlitzer sustain pedals so that you can make better music with less hassles.

The Vintage Vibe sustain pedal will work for all Wurlitzer electric piano models except for the 112 with the side mounted sustain pedal. The 140 Series pianos have a slightly different fulcrum and will need adjustment. Let us know when purchasing for the 140 Series.

Pedals sold individually.

Note: Custom length pedals are not eligible for returns.


How long is the standard length of a sustain pedal?
From the bottom off the pedal to the top of the ferrule, its 27".

Will your Wurlitzer Sustain Pedal be compatible with my piano?
More than likely, yes. Our pedal will work with the following Wurlitzer Model pianos:  112A, 120, 140, 140A, 140B, 145, 145A, 145B, 200, 200A, 206, 206A, 214, 214A, 203, 203A

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