Albert "Chip" Crawford Plays Vintage Vibe

Grammy winning jazz pianist, Albert “Chip” Crawford, purchased a Vintage Vibe Stereo Console Piano with a Royal Blue sparkle lid late last year. Since Chip would be on tour with Gregory Porter, we were able to take our time crafting this piano, leaving no stone (or key in this case) unturned. We were all blown away by how vibrant the Royal Blue Sparkle lid turned out.

We hand delivered Chip his piano in March of 2017. His reaction, and I quote “I absolutely love this piano, it inspires me.” As a matter of fact, it's set up in his living room studio for aesthetics and inspiration. Shortly after, Chip was off again on tour.

After returning home, Chip noticed a small crossover distortion had developed with one of the power amps. Scheduling a time to visit Chip was not easy as he tours over 250 dates a year. With a little calendar checking we were able to confirm a date in October when Chip was back home. Needless to say Adam, James and I headed out to the Bronx in the company van and performed the service call. Chip's Vintage Vibe piano is now back up and running at 110%!

After the service call was a success we headed over to Arthur Ave. in the Bronx for some real Italian food, cookies and cappuccino. We helped a great artist and got to visit a New York treasure Italian all in one day. Bellissimo!!

Here's a video of Chip playing his Royal Blue.