Vintage Vibe Memorial Day Sale! Site Wide Sales

15% off all in-stock parts. No coupon code needed.

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Vintage Vibe Memorial Day Sale! Site Wide Sales

15% off all in-stock parts. No coupon code needed.

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Vintage Vibe Piano Common Questions

Is it a Rhodes or Wurlitzer?

Neither, its a Vintage Vibe piano! It is shaped like a Wurlitzer but is a highly modified and improved Fender Rhodes.

What is the weight?

The Vintage Vibe tine piano weighs in at 35 lbs. for 44, 53 lbs. for 64 and 60 lbs. for a 73 note.

What are the dimensions?

Vintage Vibe pianos are 21.5" deep x 8" height and 73 is 43.5” , 64 is 40” and 44 is 27.6” long.

What is the key range on the 64? On the 73? 44? Bass piano?

Key Compass
73  is E to E
64 is A to C
44 is F to C

Are there any additional add-ons?

MIDI is our only add-on option. The price is $1800.00 and is MIDI out only. Road cases are also available for an additional $950. 

How do I tune a Vintage Vibe Piano?

Here at the shop, we simply use a strobe tuner to tune our pianos to the equal temperament 440Hz.. You can use a Peterson strobe tuning app on your phone, they are great! If you want to stretch tune the Vintage Vibe feel free, we feel there is no need but if you want to by all means go ahead!!

What is the difference between passive and active electronics?

Passive Electronics:

The output level of the piano is limited to that of the piano’s magnetic pickups; there are no gain stages nor effects. The output level is comparable to that of a guitar and for most all uses will therefore need to be amplified by another device such as a preamplifier, mixing console or PA.

The provided controls are also similar to those found in electric guitars. They are comprised of potentiometers and capacitors that cut frequencies from the piano’s signal which allows you to achieve limited tone sculpting. We have included controls for both the bass and treble frequencies. The volume control sets the overall output level at the mono ¼” output jack.

The passive model does not require any external power for its own function.

Active Electronics:

The output level of the active model is much hotter than that of a passive model due to the onboard preamplifier. A switchable FET gain stage can impart a tube like characteristic to the tone. The eq circuit is capable of not only cutting bass and treble frequencies, but boosting them as well, which allows for expansive tone shaping possibilities.

The built in tremolo circuit has controls for depth and speed and can produce a ping-pong effect when used in stereo via the ¼” left and right output jacks. As a visual indicator, an LED on the front panel pulses in time with the tremolo. In addition to the preamplifier, the active model also boasts a stereo headphone amplifier accessible by a ¼” jack.

The active model needs to be plugged into a grounded wall outlet of between 110 – 240VAC in order for the preamplifier and controls to function.

Read our blog post for more information.

What is the lead time for a Vintage Vibe Piano?

Lead time starts once we have received payment. Current lead time for pianos is 8-12 weeks. If you are ordering a custom lid or a Stereo Console Speaker, lead time will increase to 12-16 weeks. We will update you on our build schedule at the time of payment.

How does shipping work?

We ship all pianos on pallets with UPS Supply Chain Solutions worldwide. We use custom packaging/boxes with 4 inches of custom foam around the piano all sides and then another double wall box is used, this is then strapped to a pallet and only moved by forklifts to ensure safety.  Please contact us for a shipping quote with your shipping address. Quotes are valid for 7 days.

Is your Classic Model compatible with the Stereo Console?

Yes, both our Classic and Deluxe pianos are compatible with our Stereo Console amplifier.