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Vintage Vibe Memorial Day Sale! Site Wide Sales

15% off all in-stock parts. No coupon code needed.

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1971 Fender Rhodes Suitcase with MIDI & Stereo Reverb

—Felt Happy Today

Bob owned and played this classic 1971 Fender Rhodes suitcase piano for a very long time, you could say it was like an old friend. Knowing what a gem he had he decided it was time to restore it beyond its original condition and add some very cool upgrades.

In addition to what we normally do with our full restorations (see extensive list below) we installed our custom stereo reverb and outfitted the piano with MIDI. The stereo reverb has a very wide range of dwell that creates a depth and atmosphere to any piece you play, from a hint of room to expansive large concert hall reverb. Installing MIDI into the piano allows the Rhodes to be a controller for MIDI enabled devices; opening up the sonic possibilities to an endless level.

If you would like discuss installing our custom dimensional Stereo Spring Reverb into your Fender Rhodes suitcase, get in touch! To learn more about our restoration services, visit here!

MIDI Demo Video by Secret Weapon Fred

A 1971 Classic EP Gallery


What we did:

• Harp frame refurbished
• Pickup polishing
Tine replacements
Tone bar clips
Heavy springs in bass
• Completely tuned & voiced
• New square hammer tips • New dampers and damper felts
• Full escapement improvement
• Strike line improved
• Pickups replaced
Tolex and Grill Cloth replaced

• New Reproduction Lid + logos
Tone bar screws, grommets and washers
• Custom designed reverb circuit
• Installed MIDI System
• New Eminence speakers
• Pre Amp rebuilt
• Power amp rebuilt
• Power supply rebuilt
• Key bed modification
• Key bed squared and leveled
• Key Dip improved

1971 Fender Rhodes Suitcase Reverb MIDI


About the Reverb

The reverb is comprised of drive and recovery circuits for both the left and right channels, a 3-spring, medium decay pan for each channel, depth control and bypass switching and supporting circuitry.


Ain't No Sunshine Demo by Hans Kocher

MIDI + Live Looping Demo by Alex Hoteck

Customer Update

Hey Vintage Vibe guys, thanks so much for making my 71 Fender Rhodes 73 suitcase piano awesome! I set it up on the porch today and gave it a debut. iPhone audio doesn't do it justice, it sounds and plays amazing! - Bob